Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post #2

Reviewing what I eat normally, I once again realize I eat way to little. Even though the foods I choose to eat are healthy foods, I still don't eat enough to keep a bird alive. This seems to be a family trait as my mother eats very little herself. Through this course I hope to learn to make better choices in food and to increase what I do eat.

At this point in time though, my taste is changing. Nothing seems to taste right anymore. I'm not sure why this happening. Hopefully I will learn why this can happen.

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  1. The first place to look into might be a Zinc Deficiency. Good question to bring up through first class in the discussion fourm so we can talk a little more about it. Also, feel free to skype me HeneleEale or pose it on Sept 3rd at 7pm.

    Good Start,

    Dr H