Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post #3

Guilty pleasures. The things I would love to eat yet don't because they aren't that good for me.

My favorite, and one that indulge in occasionally, chocolate. I don't indulge to often and I have set up certain protocols before I can eat any. If I don't follow these protocols I get migraines from it. The basic protocol is I have to eat at least two good meals that day.

Another favorite, Liverwurst, one that I don't indulge in more than once a year. Love the flavor, don't like the high fat content.

There is a pie I like, yet I don't make it because I'm the only one who likes it. It is a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe called shoo-fly pie, so named because while it is cooling the fly's are buzzing around it. The ingredients are simple, molasses, sugar, flour, and a pie shell. Very rich and very good.

More later when I can handle the cravings.

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