Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post #5

After reading this chapter I had to wonder why do I bother eating? With all the additives that are meant to preserve food that end up preserving us is disheartening. When reading labels on different foods you need to be a chemical engineer to understand what the food is made of. Then I wonder is it really a food or is it just chemicals, which is not good for us. I've cut out almost all processed foods from my diet, am down to a 20oz soda every 3 to 4 weeks, and generally eating better foods. The hardest part about implementing a new diet is the cost of some foods, and getting others in the house to eat them without complaining.

1. Eating more organic foods-When I can I will get organic foods, and when I cant I will thoroughly clean the foods I do get. I have already started eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I haven't tried organic meat yet, so that should be interesting.

2. Safer Water-Other than pouring positive energy into the water I drink, I will have to get a report on the safety of the tap water. There was only one bottled water that I liked and they don't sell it here anymore. Distilled water is good for aquariums, car batteries and irons, it doesn't taste very good. There are drops that are used to take some of the chlorine and other impurities out of water that is used for aquariums, I will have to see if there is the same thing for drinking water.

3. Choose where I shop-I normally shop at grocery stores, now I'm going to shop at stores that are health stores and that have more choices of organic foods. The biggest problem I have with these stores is that they don't always have much of a selection of different food types.

The hardest part of making any of these changes is being able to afford the organic foods and just changing habits of where I shop and the choices that I make without thinking to much about them.

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